Thursday, 3 December 2015

Father of Android Plans To Start His Own Smartphone Company

Andy Rubin founded Android before it became one of the most known products of Google. According to the sources close to the situation, Andy Rubin, the father of Google’s Android phone operating system, is planning to get back in the Android game.father-of-android-new-company
After being away from Android for more than two years, he is planning to start his own phone company. The Information reports that Mr. Rubin has recently tried to hire people to help start a new smartphone company.
Andy Rubin shares an interesting relationship with Google. In the year 2013, he left the Android division of Google to work in Google’s robotic department. Next year, he left Google completely to start his own incubator Playground Global. Currently, he is running his venture capital firm Playground Ventures with $300 million in funding. He’ll be starting this Android phone company via Playground Fund, his own tech startup incubator Playground Global.
If we believe the reports, he might bring something special to the family of Android handsets. In the past, he has mentioned that Android is his baby and he is not leaving it behind forever.
When he left Google few years back, Android ecosystem was an entirely different category. Now it features tons of major players like Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Asus, Micromax etc. So, it would be interesting to notice Rubin’s strategy as Android is already an overcrowded category with low-profit margins.